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New Introduction Idea for Uncle Tim’s Condo

It’s taken me almost 39 years to admit this, but I’m not thankful. I’m not even that nice. I’m only truly sympathetic to others, when in some rare mood of self-reflection or morbidity, I can psychically feel myself in someone else’s shoes. All the other times have been attempts to mimic those ancillary and superficial | read more…

“12 Step Guide to Overcoming “Whiteness” Without Trying to Be ‘Black'” Now Available On Amazon!

We are all familiar with the cliche stereotypes and jokes about privileged white men dancing and jumping around awkwardly and uptight. Have you ever been called out for being too “white” while dancing or during certain social situations? Arons offers helpful exercises and advice to overcome white insecurities in his “12 Step Guide to Overcoming | read more…

My TED Talk Video Submission

My Mom’s AMAZING Method for Early Childhood Education

IMPROVED LANGUAGE, MOVEMENT AND SELF-REGULATION THROUGH USE OF MELODY’S METHOD   Introduction   The purpose of this paper is to introduce a musically based intervention for young children with disabilities, ages 2-5, developed at the Melody Arons Center in Teaneck, New Jersey. It was developed from an abiding interest in the healing powers of music, | read more…

Speaker audition excerpt

You should see people’s faces when I tell them what I do for a living. I am a dancing trombone player. I know. I don’t look the part. Because of my average white guy build, most people expect that I would be an accountant, doctor, or lawyer or something. Or that if I am a | read more…

Chapter 11 Excerpt From My Book

“Great White Hope” The “great white hope” was a phrase first coined in the 1967 play of the same name by Howard Slackler about a character loosely based on Jack Johnson, the first African-American World Heavyweight Champion who won the title in 1908. After winning the title from a white man in Australia, Jack Johnson | read more…

My First Music Video

A tribute to my favorite news anchor, the smart and beautiful Alex Wagner on MSNBC!

Saturday Brunch Standards

This has got to be one of the most fun gigs I’ve done in my life. I’ve finally gotten around to doing what I’ve always been afraid of doing – singing jazz standards as dinner music and being a little lounge lizard and piano-man-like. Feel like I’m reinventing myself in the best way possible.  

The Race Issue: Money and Melanin

Whenever the race issue is discussed in media, the main focus seems to be defining success by material accomplishment – primarily money and melanin. What is often discussed is the need to more equally link economic and intellectual accomplishments/opportunities with various skin colors, melanin. What is much less often emphasized is equally linking sensual, emotional, creative, | read more…

My Trombone Duel on Jimmy Fallon – Darth Vader versus Chewbacca