Golden Rule versus Darwin

A few weeks ago, I had the realization that it seems every action people take is either with the intent of “doing unto others as they would do unto you”, or with the intent of “surviving as the fittest”. In other words, everything I do is either with the hope that some will reciprocate a favor whether it’s just good karma or something more direct like a favor to be repaid down the line. Otherwise, most of my actions are taken so I can beat somebody out or be better than them ultimately so I can survive as the fittest. Then a few weeks later, a fellow trombonist David Gibson hipped me to this New York Times article by David Brooks discussing similar themes in terms of evolution. Interesting read:


One Comment on Golden Rule versus Darwin

  1. Melissa Reed says:

    Michael Shermer talks about this very topic in some of his books (The Science of Good and Evil and How We Believe). Check it out! Good stuff.

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