If I have to choose between the power of music and believing that God can only be known by one name, I will choose the power of music every time. However, when I am within the context of those who believe in Jesus Christ, I will respect their name. When I am within the context of Yahweh, I will respect their name. When I am within the context of Allah, I will respect their name. Similarly, when I am within the contexts of Hinduism, Buddhism, or any other religious belief system I will respect their relative expressions of God. But when we all get together to express through music and art, I believe semantics for God should be cast aside for the greater cause of united creation, within which lies the true spirit of God.

One Comment on Choices

  1. Religion leaves me cold…but music is a living expression of spirit.

    In the words of Frank Zappa: “Information is not knowledge.
    Knowledge is not wisdom.
    Wisdom is not truth.
    Truth is not beauty.
    Beauty is not love.
    Love is not music.
    Music is THE BEST.”
    — Frank Zappa

    He also said, “If you want to get laid, go to college; if you want an education, go to the library.”

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